favourite places to visit in Kolkata

favourite places to visit in Kolkata

Most favourite places to visit in Kolkata

kolkata is the capital of west bengal.it is in eastern part of india.Mamta bannerjee is present cheif minister of west bengal.most of the building monuments are architect by britishers at their ruling time.Kolkata (Calcutta) was a colonial city. The British East India Company developed Calcutta by establishing an artificial riverine port in the 18th century CE. Kolkata was the capital of the British Indian empire until 1911, when the capital was relocated to Delhi.in this blog on favourite places to visit in Kolkata I will introduce so many unknown places that you must visit and enjoy Kolkata taste and festival culture.


This bridge is an iconic symbol of Kolkata and connects the city to Howrah. its the best place to explore the river views and reach one place to another enjoy a motor boat ride in river and cross the river by motor Boat. a famous Howrah Railway Station nearby to this Howrah bridge.it is an iconic landmark in kolkata the howrah bridge is a huge steel bridge over Hoogly River.


2.Victoria memorial

Victoria memorial is a unique and beautiful white marble building located in kolkata- west Bengal. It is  built in year between 1906-1921.victoria memorial spread across 64 acres which is dedicated to british queen Victoria.favourite places to visit in Kolkata.

Nearest Kolkata metro train station: Maidan metro station

Memorial gallery opening hours: 10:00 AM to 5:00PM

Vicotoria gallery entry fee: 20 Rs. Per person for indians & Rs. 200 for foreigners

3.Salt Lake City(Bidhannagar)

Salt Lake city is a best place to live in Kolkata city. A top class personalities, businessman, politicians are prefer to live at this place. Due to it’s structure design of colony that is a perfect example of well. Planned society where Central Park, hospital, play ground, food lovers area are found.favourite places to visit in Kolkata.

For food taste lovers in salt Lake city FD block sector-III

A food point is found when I have been to kolkata and own hotel room in FD block sector-III. Nearby to central Park back side of Pour bhawan there is roadside food place for taste lovers of Samosa, Dhokla with chutney and sabji taste with dahi bhalla, Kulhad Tea & smoking zone will found when you visit at this place. favourite places to visit in Kolkata. During durga pooja there is a famous durga pooja pandal organize then huge number of Chaos is found here.favourite places to visit in Kolkata.

4.Dakshineshwar Kali Temple

Dakshineshwar kali temple is very famous temple in Kolkata and all across India. This is Maa Kali temple for Bengali and Hindu. Dakshineshwar temple Metro station is available now to provide service to devotees. It is now make easy to people who come to darshan from Kolkata west Bengal and all places of India can easily reach.

5.Eden Garden(Cricket Match Ground)

A world famous Cricket Ground is situated in Kolkata-west bangal. Eden Garden is known historical play ground where so many cricket match history has been created for the cricket match. Famous indian cricketer and present BCCI chairmen Saurav Ganguly’s house is also situated nearly to this Ground.Eden Gardens is often referred to as home of Indian cricket and has also been described as “cricket’s answer to the colosseum and called the macca of cricket.The stadium was established in 1864. The origins of its name are uncertain. According to some, the stadium is named after the Eden Gardens park where it is located, itself named after the Eden sisters.

6.Mother Teresa House

This is a small museum with mother Teresa writing’s and her actual room. mother Teresa is well known woman in world for her kindness towards children and person who needs a help.





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