top 12 highest mountains in Asia to Visit

top 12 highest mountains in Asia to Visit

There are many mountains in the world which are having a very high peaks, but out of all of them, there are unique top highest mountains in the world to this post, I am trying to figure it out the top 12 highest mountains in Asia to Visit some unique and known mountains in the world.

Mount everest-top 12 highest mountains in Asia to Visit

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1.mount everest(8450 meter):Mount everest is the highest peak in the world among all highest mountains in the world.

Mount Everest is situated in the Himalayas Range shares borders between Nepal and TIbet.Now a days it has been a popuplar  destination for climbers to climb around the is one of the top 12 highest mountains in Asia to Visit.past 100 years it becomes the first choice for every climbers.this is dream for every human being who dares to take challenges in his life because it is very tough decision for every is not just eat to mouth task,it wants a lot of efforts.

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2.MOUNT GODWIN AUSTIN(8611 meter): it is also called K2,chinese quogir Feng.

k2-top 12 highest mountains in Asia to visit

Mount Godwin Austin is the 2nd highest peak in the world after mount Everest. Mount Godwin Austin is located in Karakoram Range partially in the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan Administrated is locally called DAPSANG or CHOGORI.if we talk about its height in Feet then it is around 28253 feet height.

Coordinates: LAT:35°52′57″ LON: 76°30′48″E

The Name Mount Godwin Austen is on behalf of the peak’s first surveyor, Col. H.H. Godwin Austen, a 19th-century English geographer. due to the very high snow found on its base of around 15,000 the functioning in the climb started getting harder for climbers and tests their enthusiasm level and confidence.

3.KANGCHENJUNGA(8587 meter):Kanchenjunga is the 3rd Highest Peak in the world.

Kanchenjunga-top 12 highest mountains in Asia to visit

Kanchenjunga is the 3rd Highest peak in the world. Kanchenjunga has situated in the borders between Nepal and INDIA.from our countryside Pelling, Sikkim States shares its border with Nepal country border. To visit point of view tourists there is a Kanchenjunga National park.


How to Reach to Kanchenjunga national park?

Nearest highway to Khangchendzonga National Park in Sikkim is the 92 km long National Highway 31A, which connects Sevok in Darjeeling to Gangtok. And distance from Gangtok to Khangchendzonga National Park is only 45.9 kms. The nearest town is Yuksom in the West and Chungthang in the North.In 2016, the adjoining Khangchendzonga National Park was declared a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE.

4.LHOTSE(8516 METER=27941 ft Height): Lhotse Mountain The 4th HIghest Peak in the world.

Geodatic Location Coordinate on Earth: LAT :27°57′42″LON: 86°56′00″E

Lhotse word actual means is “South Peak”in is one of the top 12 heighest mountains in Asia to Visit.Lhotse mountain lies Border between Tibet Autonomous region of CHINA and the KHUMBU Region of Nepal.

Mountain range HImalayas and Mahanagar Himal these both ranges comes near to the Lhotse Mountain.

5.MAKALU MOUNTAIN(8485 METERS=27840 ft Height):Makalu mountain is the 5th highest peak in the world.

Makalu mountain is also located in we seen most the highest peak of Mountain ranges has found in Nepal Itself.Nepal country is surrounded everywhere from Mountains.its main source is himalayan is also located in MAHALANGUR HIMALAYAS 19KM Southeast of Mount Everest In Nepal.

makalu_top 12 mountains in the World to visit

Makalu mountain is the important highest peak from the point of view of competitive exams questionnaire parameters,many times this question has been asked in a competitive exam which mountain has the highest peak this does not exist in India, but many students are confused about this, now i will remember at a good value in mind.

Geodatic Location coordinates: LAT: 27°53′23″LON: 87°05′20″E


6.CHO OYU(8188 meters=26865 ft Height):Cho Oyu means “Turquoise Goddess” in Tibetan.6th Highest peak in world.

cho oyu mountain is in ASIA.its easiest Route via SNOW/ICE/GLACIER CLIMB. The mountain is the westernmost major peak of the Khumbu sub-section of the Mahalangur Himalaya 20 km west of Mount Everest.CHO OYU  name is looking like it is chinese Name but it is a part of Himalayan is situated on the Nepal and TIBET border.if compare with other Mountain Range most of the climers try to climb on this Mountian at first and built up their confident and then went to Great MOUNT EVEREST PEAK that is at height of 8848 METER HEIGHT.


7.DHAULAGIRI MOUNTAIN(8,167 meter=26795 ft HEIGHT):7TH highest Mountain in the World, Dhaulagiri mountain is situated in Nepal country.a Famous Name Annapurna also nearby at this place only 34km.

Dhaulagiri is the nepali name of the mountain which comes from sanskrit where Dhawal means Dazzling,white,beautiful and GIri means Mountain.Looking north from the plains of India, most 8,000-metre peaks are obscured by nearer mountains, but in clear weather, Dhaulagiri is conspicuous from northern Bihar.and as far south as Gorakhpur in Uttar pradesh.

GEODATIC Coordinates:28°41′54″N 83°29′15″E

8. MANASLU MOUNTAIN(8,163 meter=26,783 ft height): MANASLU mountain is the 8th Highest Peak in the world, It is part of Nepali Himalaya.

it is one of the top 12 highest mountains in the World to Visit. the name Manaslu means “mountain of the spirit” and is derived from the Sanskrit word Manasa which means MANN SE or internal soul. Manaslu was the first climber name that started climbing on Manaslu on May 9, 1956. Manaslu is the highest peak in the Gorkha district and is about 64km east of Annapurna.

Manaslu range-top 12 highest mountains in World to visit

9.NANGA PARBAT(8,126 meter=26,661 ft Height):IT Is the 9th HIghest peak in world.The core of Nanga Parbat is a long ridge trending southwest to northeast.

Nanga parbat history looks soo scary because it is also called killing Mountain.there are many lives has gone from the altitude of 8,000 meter,that’s why its name is KILLING is one of the top 12 highest mountains in Asia to Visit.its location is in Gilgit-baltistan,pakistan.

Geodatic location coordinates:LAT :35°14′15″LON :74°35′21″E

Best time to visit in : April to August.

10.ANNAPURNA mountain(8091 meter=26,546 ft highest): Annapurna is the 10th HIghest mountain in the world and is known for its challenging climbing routes and High Death Rate.

Annapurna is a mountain situated in the Annapurna mountain range of Gandaki Province, north-central Nepal.Its original of country is Nepal.there is a river which open source starts from the base of the Annapurna 12 highest mountains in Asia to Visit.

Premium Photo | Mt annapurna i in nepal

Annapurna is at 10th highest peak,even it is soo tough to climb because it is not easy to get climb on every parbat,before that you should maintain your DIET,Stamina avoid ovethinking and comes our from the comfort zone as you feel in office work.and the most important thing that is stay motivated during climbing and target 12 highest mountains in Asia to visit.

11.GASHERBRUM MOUNTIAN(8080 meter=26511 ft Height):this mountain range is situated in ASIA CONTINENTAL.Gasherbrum is the 11th HIghest Mountain Peak in the world.we have seen world top most highest peak is found in Asia continent Itself.

Gasherbrum Mountain is located on the border between Pakistan and CHINA.Gasherbrum is known for its steep,technical climbing routes.for beginners who want to climb for adventure on mountains and their dream to Beat Everest height then they have to start from this mountain.

Geodatic Location Coordinates:LAT 35° 43′ 28.0020” LONG:76° 41′ 46.9968” E

How to Reach to Gasherbrum Mountain Foot base to start climbing?

Gasherbrum mountain is the easiest and safest of the Karakoram 8,000-meter is an ideal choice for experienced beginners wishing to attempt their first adventure. to reach its foot one must travel from Islamabad to Skardu, Skardu to ask ole, and then make the long and arduous trek to the mountains base camp. top 12 highest mountains in Asia to Visit. before going to the plan please make sure that the all required documents should be available before facing 12 highest mountains in Asia to Visit.

12.Broad Peak(8051 meter=26415 ft Height): it is the part of Gasherbum Mountain Range in Baltistan-Pakistan  Asia.this is the 12th HIghest mountain peak in is also Situated on the border between China and Pakistan.








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